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international voice network

Best Voices is a vertical integrated audio poduction company based in Europe/Greece, involved in multilingual voice over recordings, for any type of speech application and localization, targeting at the global market and foreign native target audiences

voice over recordings for your world audience

With our worldwide voice talents network, from handpicked professional native speakers, voice directors, recording studios, and agencies, we carry out everyday voice recordings in many languages for :​

TV commercials, web και multimedia voice apps, documentaries, corporate narrations, E-learning sessions , industrial voiceovers,  IVR and call center prompts, radio ads, audio books and tutorials, voice characters, but also full sound design for films,  video games and dubbing recordings - ADR

fast and reliable

We can carry out every need for multilingual voice over recordings

 for all media uses and budgets

All languages can be heard here!

Best Voices  Multilingual Recordings


We recorded for :


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